Covid-19 Support your local restaurants!


As Covid-19 continues to spread and restrictions on businesses increase, we have decided to create an index of businesses local to us to help everyone through this confusing time.


Note: As our situation continues to unfold information changes, so the info below may become outdated. To help combat this, if there is any misinformation you can contact us at to help keep everyone up to date.

As in accordance with the Colorado Regulations, some Restaurants may have seating restrictions. We recommend that you check out each Facebook page or call ahead to be sure.

NOTE: Anything in RED is a clickable link and the Call Now button only works on the mobile version of the website.


101 N Main St, Wiggins, CO 80654, USA

(970) 483-7262


Mon-Fri: 10AM-9PM Sat: 10AM-8PM


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